A Passion Automatic

I love parentheses, ellipses, wardrobe crises and other things that end in -ses. Listen to me blab about whatever it is I'm blabbing about in the A.M.

So far, I am one-quarter of The Poor Souls of Pompeii, and I will also be releasing material under the moniker of "A Passion Automatic". Soon.
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I think I’ve gotten myself into a very expensive and time consuming addiction. This pedal chain is still a fledgling. Need a line selector, a (couple of) line6 DL-4(s), a nice reverb, a volume pedal, a compressor and a noise reducer. Current setup: tu-2 into MXR boost/overdrive, into a ProCo RAT, a DS-1, DD-3, all going into a tc electronics ditto looper. Huzzah. #guitar #gear


Everyone asks me about my “long distance relationship.” You see, my husband (and my partner for 8 years) lives in Texas. I, however, live in New York. I used to live in Texas, but had to move for graduate studies. We are both immigrants and have applied for green cards (he was lucky enough to…

I wish her and her partner the best.

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Circa Survive,
On Letting Go


You’ll keep it on the inside
Cause that’s the safest place
That’s the safest place to hide 

You were barely holding on.

(via zplaceee)


n. a state of exhaustion with how shitty people can be to each other, typically causing a countervailing sense of affection for things that are sincere but not judgmental, are unabashedly joyful, or just are.

Sometimes I forget Tumblr exists. Alas, NYC beckons.

I will meet you

at the intersection
of cynicism,
and realism. 

Or, at least, 
I will try to, 
if it is practicable, 
if such a place 
even exists 
in the first place.

Someone needs to climb this spiral
And drag me out of the depths
While I kick and scream and bite
At the hands that fed me all my life.

I have no use for divine patience -
My lips are now burning and everywhere.
I am running from every corner of this earth and sky
Wanting to kiss you.
Hafiz (via nuclearbattery)